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Fees include 2 8' tables and 2 chairs, electrical, water outlets and usage.

Must bring own hose and appropriate power cords. Electric and water access may exceed 100 feet.

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• The selections and decisions made by the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival committee are final.
• All displays, storage and activity must be confined within the designated space and not extending beyond the space assignments.
• Professional signage must be displayed. Handwritten signs are prohibited.
• Festival security will be provided. The Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival is not liable for anything lost or stolen.
• Exhibitor's space assignments are final decisions of the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival committee.
• Exhibitors will be responsible for clean-up and for any and all damage caused by their stands, employees or vehicles.
• Set-up and breakdown times will be strictly enforced.
• You will be notified of check- in location and times at a later date.
• The exhibitor's space must be occupied by 10:00am on Saturday. If the exhibitor fails to be present at these specified times, it will be considered a "NO SHOW" and their space may be eliminated with no possible refund.
• Breakdown is not to begin until the end of the festival.
• Vehicles are not permitted into the festival area until all patrons have left the area.
Saturday, October 14, 2017 12:00 pm to 6:00pm Wine Tasting Hours - 12:00 pm to 5:00pm
• Electricity is limited but available. Access may be 100' away, be prepared with necessary cords.
• Exhibitors must park in the designated parking areas.
• Parking will be free to exhibitors.
• Each Food vendor/ exhibitor is responsible for collecting and reporting VA State Sales tax associated with their sales.
• Four (4) complimentary festival wine glasses/ tasting passes will be given to each registered exhibitor/vendor with proof of legal drinking age (21) with a valid ID.
• Exhibitors may take part in the wine tasting one hour prior to the close of the Festival. No drinking before this time.
•Additional glasses/ passes will be given to vendors with approval of the Executive Director or Festival Chair.
• Any additional glasses/passes will pay a $25 tasting fee.
• All exhibitors must carry General Public Liability with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.
• Exhibitors' Liability Insurance Policy must include Products Liability Insurance. Exhibitor must include the "Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival" "City of Chesapeake" and the "Chesapeake Rotary Club" on their policy as an Additional Insured.
• When returning completed application, vendor must furnish current evidence of insurance (Certificate of Insurance), complying with requirements stated in this condition, this is a requirement prior to being accepted.
• Exhibitors are responsible for their own display in case of loss or damage.
• Not responsible for the loss of power or other acts of God.
• The Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival is not liable for anything lost or stolen.
• Any unruly behavior or failure to comply with the stated rules by the exhibitor or their assistants will mean immediate expulsion from the event and will eliminate the exhibitor from future shows.
• The Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.
• Absolutely no pets are allowed in the festival grounds.
• The exhibitor agrees that the trademarks, trade names, logos, service marks and symbols of the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival ("Festival") constitute the valuable property rights of the Festival and shall at all times
be subject to the strict control of the Festival.
• Any use of Festival's trade name, trade marks, logos, service marks or symbols must first be approved in writing by Festival.
• The Festival intends to provide a relaxed environment for patron and artist interactions.
• There will be an extensive advertising campaign with exposure of the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival on the nationally recognized Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival website .
• Utilization of newspaper, posters, festival brochures, and local television and radio coverage will advertise the event prior to the weekend. We will provide you more details on local promotional opportunities.
• We encourage you to promote this event to your customer base.
• The Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival Committee reserves the right to modify the Rules and Regulations with reasonable advanced written notice to the winery.
• Participation by any vendor/exhibitor is at the discretion of the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival


Completing and submitting this form and attachments does not constitute authorization to operate a retail vending operation in City Park. All information contained herein is subject to change without notice.